Quilt Preparation

A good longarm experience starts with a properly prepared quilt top and backing. Please follow these instructions to prepare your quilt for me:

  1. Backing and batting must be at least 3″, preferably 6″ wider than the quilt top on all four sides. Backs must have the selvages removed and any seams pressed open. This allows my machine to support the fabric and allows me to be able to quilt the entire top, edge to edge without hindrance.
  2. The top and backing must be flat, squared up at the edges & corners and pressed. Wavy edges, wrinkles and crooked borders can create puckers that I cannot avoid.
  3. Remove all lint, stray threads, pet hair, etc. These can get caught in the machine causing pulls or tears, or sewn into the stitching causing them to be seen, especially through lighter fabric.
  4. Press each piece, top and bottom, and loosely fold.
  5. Pin a piece of paper onto each piece, top & bottom, including your name and phone number, the exact measurement of width and length in inches, which piece is the top and which is the bottom, whether or not either piece is directional (mark which end is “top”), any special notes such as if I need to center a pieced back, etc.
  6. Double check that all seams are secure and no stitching is coming loose. The tension on the machine can cause loose seams to come undone incurring additional fees in repair work.
  7. Do not pin or baste the quilt. All pieces, top-bottom-batting need to be separate.

Note: Batting can be purchased from me for a discounted price. If you wish to supply your own batting it must be the same size as the backing material. Bring batting loosely folded in a plastic bag with your name on it. Personal batting is subject to my approval as some brands tend to shred under machine tension.